God Was Not Wrong :: By Daymond Duck

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I was recently speaking on current events related to Bible prophecy, and it occurred to me to ask the congregation if God is wrong to tell us bad things are going to happen.

Was God wrong to tell people,

  • He intended to destroy the world with a flood?
  • He intended to send 10 plagues in Egypt?
  • He intended to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah?
  • He intended to use Babylon to destroy Judah?
  • He would allow the Messiah to be killed.
  • He intends to send the Tribulation Period?
  • He intends to destroy the world with fire?

God was not wrong.

He does not make mistakes, and He does not lie.

He told us to watch for all the bad things that we see shaping up today because He wants us to know that He has not been caught by surprise, to trust Him, to not worry, to know that He is in…

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