An Intro to ‘How Bill Gates operates as a world dictator’

He is a key figure/major player for WHO. They are scheming to have a treaty that during pandemics, rather than being an advisory organization they become ruler in the One World Order. This plan of theirs is underway. (Arlin Report comment)

The Conservative-Patriot Christian Right

Intro by John R. Houk, Blog Editor

Stop World Control Exposé

Intro post © January 22, 2023

I’m on the Stop World Control (SWC) email list. SWC is a fantastic place to search information exposing Globalist-Marxist-Corporatist-Fascist Elitists plans and agendas to control the people of the world so that people ONLY exist to follow the diktats of the Elite – OR ELSE.

A 1/21/23 SWC email looks at documented evidence of the agenda perpetrated by Bill Gates he wants thrust upon the masses. The email functions as a teaser that links to the full exposé on the SWC website which is undated. The website has text and a couple of Documentary videos which I will embed in my cross post below. I am not quite as tech savvy The SWC Web-dudes so my cross my cross will lack the glitz-look SWC utilizes to keep one’s attention.

Keep in mind…

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