REVEALED: Biden Has Mishandled Top Secret Documents Before — The Gateway Pundit

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Only a fool would consider this news shocking. On Sunday, a journalist fromThe Arizona Republicrevealedin an important article that Biden was reckless with top secret documents as vice-president back in 2010.

The author, Greg Burton,wrotethat when he went to interview Biden that year, he noticed a top secret document sitting in full viewing on a table in Biden’s White House office. Once then-Biden’s director of Communications Jay Carney found out what Burton saw, a “minor skirmish” ensued.

Here are the relevant parts of the story from Burton:

Long before today’s political mayhem,I came across atop secret document on a table in Joe Biden’s White House office.

The red warning on the cover caught my attention but my eyes drifted to the then-vice president’s keepsakes, a leather binder and photos of Jill, Beau, Hunter, Ashley, and Champ.

I was there to interview Biden…

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