Obama ethics chief blasts Biden for retaining classified docs: ‘Inexcusable neglect of the most basic security protocols’ — Conservative Review

Makes you wonder what Obama has in his offices and residences? (Arlin Report Comment)

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Walter Shaub, ethics chief in the Obama administration, called out President Joe Biden on Tuesday for improperly retaining classified documents.

Biden, according to Shaub, demonstrated an “inexcusable neglect of the most basic security protocols.” Still, Shaub downplayed the seriousness of Biden’s actions by drawing a comparison to former President Donald Trump.

“It’s nothing like Trump’s deliberate refusal to return classified records demanded by the National Archives,” ShaubtoldFox News, “but Biden’s own retention of classified records reflects an inexcusable neglect of the most basic security protocols.”

Shaub, moreover, knocked the White House for not disclosing the second discovery of classified documents — those at Biden’s private Wilmington, Delaware, residence — when it admitted to the first discovery at Biden’s private office in Washington.

Biden’s private attorneys allegedly discovered the first batch of documents on Nov. 2 and the second on Dec. 20. But when they disclosed the first last…

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