This Government Is At War With Its Own People


by Al Benson Jr.

Saw a interview on Fox News this morning which noted that Chinese gifts and contracts with the University of Pennsylvania amounted to around $106 million. You have to ask yourself–What is Communist China getting from UPenn for all that money? They ain’t just handing it out due to the goodness of their hearts because Communists don’t have any notable goodness in their hearts. So what are they getting back for all this money? You have to wonder if this university has been somehow compromised by the Communist government in China–and does any of this relate to the Biden family–who are probably also compromised by Red China. After all, the Biden family has had dealings with China via Hunter Biden’s activities there.

And now, the House Judiciary Committee under Jim Jordan will investigate Biden’s handling of classified documents. It seems more documents have been located at Biden’s…

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