Maybe Kamala wants his Corvette


(My new American Thinker post)

Who knew that we’d be talkingabout President Biden’s Corvette and his troves of secret documents five months after the FBI visited President Trump’s home?Life does have a wayof throwing you a curve ball fromtime to time. Did someone say what goes around comes around?

Or maybeJack LaLannewas right about Corvettes. He kept a lot of housewives jumping up and down in their living rooms for years before fitness videos.This ishis quote:

Be young. Keep yourself young by having a good, sporty car like a Corvette. It keeps you on your toes. It keeps you young. It keeps you thinking young.

It may also get you in trouble if you have sensitive documents next to yourCorvette.

The Biden story is now in the hands of a special counsel.Why? Because the Biden administration overreacted last summer and sent the FBI to…

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