"A Vision of Congress – God Is Restoring America!" Michelle May, Buffalo, New York

Sound Of Heaven

Vision: 2/3 of Congressional Seats Empty

In January 2021, Holy Spirit took me into a vision. I was in the Capitol building looking down from the gallery of Congress. I noticed two-thirds of the seats were empty. I shouted out, “Where is everybody?” Suddenly—pop! A nurse in an old-fashioned, white uniform appeared in a seat. Pop! A teacher with a ruler and an apple appeared in a seat. Pop! A businessman in a suit with a briefcase appeared in a seat. Pop! A farmer in overalls appeared in a seat. This continued as I watched the seats being filled with citizens from various careers. They all had two thing in common: none had ever held political office, and none of them were politicians.

Then the Lord showed me these new leaders shuffling papers among themselves. They were amending the U.S. Constitution to limit the terms of senators and representatives…

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