JOHN 1:5

Wow, nearly forgot to post a verse today. Better late than never. My sleep pattern is a bit screwed up right now. Was COVID positive for a few days (very little symptoms), and slept a lot, with naps during the day. Feeling great again, no symptoms and after taking Paxlovid for 5 days am now non-contagious. Felt like a mild, very mild cold. Only found out I tested positive, because I thought it would be a good idea to test before we went to dinner at a friends house. Chances are he’d have been wearing a mask anyway, he is one that you see driving down the Highway, car windows rolled up and he is wearing a mask. Normally, I’d have just reacted as though I had a slight cold. Not sure it wasn’t just that. I don’t really believe these test………colds can test out as COVID.

Any rate, I am normal again. Even for me! 🙂

Hope you are well.


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