MORE ON HAKEEM JEFFRIES: Minority Leader Claims “Substance Over Slander” After Lying About 5 Police Officers Who Died on Jan 6th — The Gateway Pundit

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Unimpressive and simple House Minority Leader Rep. Hakeem Jeffries gave his first speech in the 118th Congress last night. It was a speech filled with insults, fantasy, and lies that ranks up there with all of the repulsive displays by Nancy Pelosi over the years. He slid right in his role as Democrat leader.

Jeffries showed lies and gaslighting are the staples of the Democrat regime.

Earlier in the day on Friday Jeffries claimed that five Capitol policemen died on Jan 6, 2021. This is a lie that he and many Democrats have shared over and over in the last two years. It is completely false. No Capitol police officer died on January 6, 2021. Officer Brian Sicknickdied the next dayfrom a stroke.

Four Trump supporters were murdered two years ago on Jan 6 at the US Capitol and no one has been held accountable for their deaths.

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