US Senate “India Caucus” was First Foreign Country-Focused Caucus; Formed by Sens. Cornyn and Hillary Clinton in 2004; List of US Congress “India Caucus” Members; VP Kamala Harris’ Uncle Still Connected to India Defence Institute; India & Russia Make Missiles Together (BrahMos)

See list of member of Senate and House members to the India caucus.

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Why are there foreign caucuses in the US Congress? Why did they delete the Senate “India caucus” membership list months ago and why is the House list so difficult to find? The Senate list can be found in archives, and at the bottom of this post.

How much of a role does the India caucus play in India-First = America-Last policy?

Is this why there aren’t secondary sanctions against India? It appears that India is the weakest link for sanctions against Russia.

Who can Americans contact to complain, when so many (most?) in the US Congress are either in the India caucus or have office workers who are from India?

Even if members of the US Congress initially join with the idea of oversight, after being fed and flattered by India and pro-India members of the caucus, they could quickly become India-First/America Last lackeys.

The much smaller China caucus is…

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