Joe Biden’s Top Economic Advisor Believes Social Security Cuts May Be Inevitable

It is easier (while corrupt and highly illegal) that our politicians give our dollars to countries like the Ukraine for some supposed cause (weapons and war), and in return those politicians receive kickbacks or payments (like the Biden’s), rather than trying to embezzle directly from U.S. coffers (too many hands and eyes in that pot). Here is the thing, Hunter being involved in these foreign companies (board member etc.), receiving payments and all. Many and in some countries all these companies are controlled by THEIR GOVERNMENTS. We the people don’t really know where our money (aid) is really distributed. But yeah, lets cut our people’s Social Security. Their own money that was earned. Our government is as corrupt as in ever in history! (Arlin Report comment)

Newsdesk International

More unwelcome news from buck Fiden….how about stop giving money to the Ukraine, and other countries? Look at all the money we could save.

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