Turnabout Is Fair Play: President Trump Calls on GOP Congress to Release Biden Crime Family’s Tax Returns (VIDEO) — The Gateway Pundit

Republicans won’t push it.

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In a clearly illegal act, Democrats in the US House of Representatives released President Trump’s tax returns to the public this week.

But, as we all well know, Democrats are above the law in the United States.

The Democrats fought to obtain President Trump’s taxes for years. This was not because President Trump committed any crime. It was because Democrats wanted to dig through his returns to possibly find something they could use as fodder for their next attack.

The Democrats released Trump’s tax returns and what was expected to be a monumental takedown of the 45th President ended up being another reason to support the man.

Trump’s personal wealth declined after he entered public office. In fact, Trump may be the first prominent politician in history to see his income decline after entering office.

Trumplost $2 billionwhile serving as president.

On Friday Steve Bannon played a video…

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