Biden Admin Used Taxpayer Money to Pay Foreign Reporters to ‘Promote Climate Alarmism Around the World’ — The Gateway Pundit

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Biden Climate Envoy John Kerry

The Biden Regime used taxpayer money to pay foreign reporters to promote climate alarmism around the world.

The Climate Change hoax is being used to redistribute wealth worldwide.

US taxpayers are being forced to pay other countries climate reparations while China and India refuse to reduce emissions.

“The FPC reporting tour — titled “Combating the Climate Crisis Through U.S. Innovation” — ultimately took place during a two-week stretch in May 2021. The event was designed to “promote the Administration’s goal of prioritizing the fight against climate change through global efforts to reduce emissions,” according to the State Department.” Fox News reported.

The State Department quietly announced this climate program in 2021, however, they did not disclose it would be funded by US taxpayers, Fox News reported.

Fox Newsreported:

The Biden administration funded a foreign “reporting tour” last year, sponsoring several overseas journalists who…

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