Biden pardons Griner: Indefensible prisoner swap leaves Paul Whelan in USSR

Seeing Red AZ

John Bolton, former National Security Advisor: “Obviously, there’s a lot of very understandable human emotion here in getting Griner released, but this is a very bad mistake by the Biden administration.”

Unpatriotic Phoenix Mercury center Brittney Griner, known for her comment, “I honestly feel weshould not play the nationalanthem during our (WNBA) basketballseason,” adding she would not be on the floor if it is, as she hyped honoring “victims of police brutality and Black Lives Matter” — is now all too happy to be an American.

Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson summed this debacle up succinctly saying, “The Biden administration chose Brittney Griner over Paul Whelan…the basketball player over the Marine facing 16 years. There was only room for one in the lifeboat and the Marine got left behind.”

Whelan, a former Marine and Trump supporter, who worked as a police officer in Michigan, had flown to Moscow to attend…

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