Mike Pence: Mr. Hearsay! (Arlin Report thought(s) for the day!

Bring him in! Quiz Mike Pence on Donald Trump and Jan. 6th! What did Trump say? What did you hear Trump say and tell people Mike? Were you not inside Trump’s head Mike? Are you still upset because Trump (on more than one occasion) said you had no testicles? Oh and Mike, didn’t you ask Pelosi why she had a film crew at the Capitol that day? Did you ask or do you know why Nance turned down National Guard Troops? Offered by Trump? Oh and Mike, will we find out what happened on that day was more staged and/or just allowed to happen the way it did to frame Trump. Isn’t it true you have your own aspirations to be president; therefore removing Trump would make it easier for you wouldn’t it Mike? So what tales will you tell this joke of a Special Counsel? Mike, you are so Deep State! You fit in the game of Swamp Rats perfectly. What salary is the SPECIAL COUNSEL stealing from American taxpayers …………..yet again?


2 thoughts on “Mike Pence: Mr. Hearsay! (Arlin Report thought(s) for the day!”

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