CBS News admits Hunter Biden laptop is authentic 2 years after New York Post broke the story

They’ll find another card they can punch (puppet) for 2024 and whatever there is to cover up on him/her they’ll certainly do. (They have not suddenly become honest) (Arlin report comment)


Before the 2020 election happened, the New York Post broke a story about Hunter Biden’s laptop that cast candidate Joe Biden in an extremely negative light. Biden supporters like Jen Psaki claimed that the laptop was Russian disinformation. Dozens of former intel officials agreed. And Twitter and Facebook both shut the story down, claiming that the laptop could not possible be authentic.

Well, guess what? CBS News is now reporting that Hunter Biden’s laptop WAS authentic… 5 minutes after the mid-term elections. I guess the Democrat elites really don’t want Joe Biden running against Ron DeSantis in 2024.

New York Post reports:

It only took them 769 days.

CBS News said Monday that it confirmed the authenticity of data from Hunter Biden’s former laptop — more than two years after The Post first revealed its contents ahead of the 2020 presidential election — as the first son’s lawyer complained that…

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