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The criminal complaint against David DePape that was released earlier today leaves more questions than answers.

Kristinn Taylor draftedthe following summaryof the David DePape charging document. In the charging documents, the Justice Department, via interviews with Paul Pelosi and DePape lay out the government’s version of events (TGPsummary):

The two men did not know each other. DePape broke into the house via a rear door using a hammer and went upstairs looking for Nancy Pelosi. He found Paul Pelosi in bed and told him he was looking for Nancy. Not finding her home he told Paul he would wait for her. He let Paul go to the bathroom where Paul made a 911 call, which apparently DePape overheard. The two went downstairs where Paul opened the door when police knocked. Paul was not attacked until police arrived when he was apparently beaten unconscious by DePape with a hammer…

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3 thoughts on “More Questions Than Answers on Pelosi Attacker David DePape’s Charging Documents — The Gateway Pundit”

  1. Stories like this drive me nuts (and its a short drive). Gab was all over this within 24 hrs about gay homosexual sex male prostitute argument over drugs thing. But then the FBI’s damage control team gets out there and it takes them 4 days to release this? And the media is so lame they just regurgitate the official narrative. Once the FBI got in there all hope for the truth was lost.

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