From Hunter Biden to the Wuhan lab-leak theory, eight times the media admitted it got a major narrative wrong | Fox News

They don’t really get it wrong………(they do, but) They simply just lie or say nothing. Intentionally! (Arlin Report comment)

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Over and over, major media narratives have gone bust, from Jussie Smollet’s supposed hate crime to the Wuhan lab-leak theory being a dismissable conspiracy.

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Washington Post writer recently admitted he was afraid to criticize New York Times uproar over Tom Cotton op-ed at the time

Fired NY Times editor rips Sulzberger

Bennett says publisher ‘threw me in the garbage’

Washington Post media critic Erik Wemple made an astonishing admission last week: He was afraid to combat the liberal media narrative in 2020 that theNew York Timeserred in publishing Sen. Tom Cotton’s op-ed on military force to quell violent uprisings in American cities.

Liberal Times staffers erupted over Cotton’s op-ed in 2020 in a coordinated social media display, and editorial page editor James Bennet was forced to resign for running it after Times higher-ups folded to internal pressure. Bennet recently said the Times leadership hung him out to dry…

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