I have returned! Thank you Lord for such a beautiful place on earth (Riviera Maya). The above photo is perfect for this post this morning. Just got back from a 5 night stay at Rivera Maya/Secrets resort. Great trip and perfect weather. Gulf is so beautiful there.

28 of us on the trip and 6 of us played golf at Grand Coyote! I wasn’t planning on playing golf there (I can play anywhere), but I am glad they talked me into it. The course was beautiful and in immaculate condition. Best conditioned course I played all year. Bonus was: I played pretty well for never being on the course before and seeing it for the first time. And, used rental clubs, though they were Taylormade M2s. Back to realty now! I have to say, I did not watch any TV (news) or listen to the radio. I have no idea what has been going on in this screwed up world. I can only guess it hasn’t gotten any better.

Ina, if you read this, a couple of friends from the Chicago area are taking a trip……….they have included Croatia in their travels.

Hope you all are well, and have a great day!


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