Reverend Franklin Graham Rips Biden Over Anti-MAGA Moloch Speech — “Trying To Vilify And Demean” — The Gateway Pundit

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Joe Biden is facing a lot of backlash after his speech attacking MAGA Republicans.

Reverend Franklin Graham blasted Joe Biden over his speech in a recent Facebook.

Graham blasted Biden for “further dividing” the United States and “trying to vilify and demean conservative, freedom-loving Americans who do not support the failing and economically unsound policies of his administration.”

Franklin Graham’s Facebook post:

Tonight President Biden said that MAGA threatens the very foundation of our republic. Really? I want to see America great again. I want to see America as a leader, as a place for people who desire liberty and justice for all. I don’t want to see this country turned into a socialist country. I don’t want to see it fail. Does believing in freedom, justice, opportunity, less taxes, and smaller government make me an extremist? Absolutely not.

The ones who are extremists are the ones who want to…

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