The Second Civil War #41: An Odd Definition Of Unity–UPDATED

Stately McDaniel Manor

Credit where credit is due.  The Biden Meat Puppet Administration has truly had a number of firsts.  We now have the first black, immigrant, really stupid Press Secretary.  We have a cabinet full of the most unqualified, genuinely stupid people one could imagine.  Our Transportation Secretary thinks roads are racist.  Our Secretary of the Interior epitomizes the phrase: deer in the headlights.  Our Federal bureaucracy has been weaponized as never before, and for the first time in history, conducted an unnecessary, unlawful and plainly stupid raid on a former president and likely future presidential candidate.  And now, in a national, prime-time address, an American president has called his political opposition, and every opposition voter, enemies of the state.  Yes, he didn’t use that specific term, but the implication was more than clear.  To be fair he sort of alluded some Republicans might be sort of acceptable just because  they’re…

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