Tax Payer Union needs you!

Hoboduke Nonsense

One more tax is always the perfect solution from politicians (who cheat on their filing for taxes)! The “Boston Tea Party” was a protest from colonials dressed as Indians stealing tea without paying taxes. We are a country with Revolutionary Spirit. I am glad to advise everyone that you are already registered in our Tax Payer Union because you pay taxes every damn day in our USA today.

Somewhere in the last century, politicians in the Senate and House of Representatives set precedents they use today to bypass accounting for taxes and budgets. Somebody decided that adding 86,000 armed Internal Revenue agents was essential for 2023.

Tax Payer Union demands to see how, why and where these armed IRS agents are needed desperately now. How about assigning an IRS agent for each Senator and House member for year around monitoring? What have they got to hide?

2022 is the year…

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