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August 16, 2022

Too many Republicans are as useless as Democrats

By Patricia McCarthy at American Thinker:

Throughout the long Clinton-fabricated Russia hoax devised to take Trump down, most Republicans had little or nothing to say; too many of them believed it or hoped it was true.Trump scared them as much as he frightened the left.

Most of them are participating members of the swamp that Trump promised to drain.  They were nearly as quiet during the two ridiculous impeachments, both absurd and based on lies.  Adam Schiff may well go down in history as the biggest cheat and habitual liar ever to sit in the House.  He has been caught lying numerous times but can’t help himself; he can hardly utter a word that is true. Like the Democrats and the left media who spread every wacky tall tale they get wind of, most Republicans kept their cowardly mouths shut.  Minority leader…

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