Fish Rots From the Head Down

It is a continuous cover-up. Would venture to say, the FBI/DOJ raid on Trump was to pull out all he had on them. (Arlin Report comment)


Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. To the chagrin of hones agents, the DOJ and the FBI (and the IRS and others) are rotten to the core. The stench is much worse than the pile of fish guts down at the dock. And it is ruining the reputation of what used to be good cops. Having spent over 20 years on the inside, I have seen what bad LEO’s can do to an agency, and I have a lot of sympathy for the men and women who have to live with the rotten bastards that are destroying an honorable profession and making everybody look bad. Kind of how one bad used car salesman makes them all look bad.

So here the powerful and corrupt heads in the DOJ ply their criminal habits and drag everybody down while they hide their criminal malfeasance.

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