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Goomba there is no accomplishments from KJ’s administration. NONE! I wanted to vomit last week when I heard a Democratic rep apologize for criticizing Biden, then refer to him as a great president. That is how delusional these people are! All illegals should be bused to Democratic cities. Cleaver idea! Let them live with what they create! (Arlin Report comment)

The Goomba Gazette

NYC Mayor Eric Adams blasts Texas Gov. Greg Abbott after second bus of migrants arrives: ‘This is horrific’

Mayor Adams accused Abbott’s administration of failing to notify New York when the buses are leaving

Hey Dude with the ear piece, you are the fools that put K J in office and support his incompetence

I said this so many times before; the idiots that initiated and approved of opening the floodgates and support the insanity of Kamikaze Joe, never thought it would affect them. Now that they are starting to feel the pinch they do not like it. As long as it affects everybody else in the country and not them, they could give a shit less.

Car-mella accurately said, you got what you voted for.

There should be more of the same, spreading the illegals around the country to all of these progressive cities. When it starts biting…

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