Is Our Civil America Beginning To Appear Again?

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Pro-Trump Candidates Largely Prevail, Kansans Support Abortion Rights

BySusan Crabtree- RCP Staff

Tuesday’s primaries in five states – Michigan, Missouri, Arizona Washington state, and Kansas – cemented Donald Trump’s role as a powerful force in the Republican Party. Several of his endorsed candidates emerged victorious, while three GOP House members in Washington state and Michigan were fighting for their political lives amid a populist backlash over their votes to impeach Trump after the Jan. 6, 2021 Capitol riot.

But the most surprising outcome wasn’t the result of a battle between two candidates. Instead, abortion rights forces are celebrating a big win in a red state that voted for Trump by a margin of 15 percentage points in 2020.


Voters across Kansas rejected by a roughly 20-point margin an amendment to the state constitution that would nullify the right to an abortion. Such an amendment would have paved…

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