May God Bless Taiwan!

So we sell? We sell arms to Taiwan, so when (not if) China invades Taiwan they confiscate, take over control of all the arms we sold them. China invading Taiwan is like Texas invading Delaware! NO CONTEST! That would be with or without U.S. intervention. Let’s send American troops into Taiwan to fight the Chinese……. to defend an island that is occupied by mucho Chinese. Another no win situation. I don’t want to see a China take over of Taiwan…….but we need to recognize no win situations and just cut our loses. I am more concerned about China occupying or buying American farm land more so than them moving in on Taiwan. Taiwan and China’s cultures are near perfect matches (except for governing perhaps), American and Chinese cultures could not be further apart, especially governing bodies. However, in today’s Washington D.C. it getting difficult to see much difference! (Arlin Report comment)

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July 31, 2022

What Could Kill Taiwan

By Daniel Jia at American Thinker:

The U.S.’slatest arms saleto Taiwan, announced on July 15, is the fourth one this year.In contrast, there was only one sale in 2021.As Taiwan faces growing pressure from China’s diplomatic, economic, and military coercion, the accelerated U.S. arms sale manifests the U.S.’s commitment to Taiwan’s defense against China, consistent with the passing in theU.S. Congressof the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2023, which includes provisions aimed at strengthening Taiwan’s defense capability, and President Biden’s repeated pledge to defending Taiwan (militarily if necessary).

Taiwan, meanwhile, is readying itself for a full-scale China invasion through various measures: showcasing missile strike ability, deploying asymmetric weaponries, performing drills reminiscent of the Blitz (the bombing of London by Nazi Germany), etc.

These measures are essential to deter and counter China’s attacks, but they are not sufficient…

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