ARLIN REPORT THOUGHT(S) OF THE DAY! Their going to get you sooner or later anyway!

This may seem a bit …………I’m not really sure how to express it. Maybe as being without much hope, in my fellow man, governing bodies (whoever they are now) and world; but, yes they’ll get you/us sooner or later. If you aren’t terminated/exterminated/eliminated/executed before or at birth………they’ll just inject you with vaccines that don’t work and have a possible purpose of gradually killing you anyway. Penicillin, worked………! They quit using it because of allergic reactions…… they say. Name a drug, any drug on the market from Big Pharma that does not have allergic reactions. After every drug commercial on the tube there is a list of possible reactions. MIGHT DESTROY YOUR LIVER! Oh, and Penicillin was never advertised on TV like drugs are today. You went to the doctor and you got a Penicillin shot in the butt. Went back a few days later for a booster (sometimes, depending on how sick you were). Then they started using Amoxicillin: Even amoxicillin carries a risk of serious side effects. Besides the risk of side effects, there is another reason to avoid prescribing antibiotics when they are not needed: antibiotic-resistant infections.Jun 23.

Penicillin may still be used but often only in the hospital.

This is a deep topic, and I am not qualified to take it any further, except for my opinion. But you get the picture……..everything on earth has a side effect, so it seems.

I once took two doses of this poison ivy extract that was mixed with water. For many years I never caught poison ivy again. I used to get it annually and sometimes really bad. I have on more than one occasion looked like a mummy covered with Calamine Lotion. The extract doses I took I got from my father; he was a superintendent at Union Electric (now Ameren UE) at the time. They had these tubes of ivy extract that was available to their employees (ones out in the field). It was not FDA approved, I guess UE employees were lab rats. I don’t think any of them took it. Dad brought it home to me. IT WORKED. Was never approved by the FDA! Why? Because it worked?

They (the establishment, those making all those genius decisions on our behalf) don’t seem too concerned about the ineffectiveness of the COVID vaccines do they? Or all the side effects and DEATHS they have caused. This was my main point from the beginning. They are more about elimination than solutions!


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