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“Congress was never set up to conduct criminal investigations, of any sort.”

So said Mark Levin on Sunday night, and it seems appropriate to begin our J6 update with that observation. Article 1, particularly Sec. 8, sets up a long, very specific list of powers given to Congress, such as raising taxes, borrowing money, regulating commerce, establishing “uniform rule of naturalization,” and coining money. Conducting a criminal investigation is not one of them, certainly not against another branch of government, as it violates the separation of powers.

The Entire Enterprise is Unconstitutional

The concept of separation of powers is outlined in The Federalist Papers and is foundational to the republic. This committee talks about “our democracy” and “our Constitution,” but they don’t give a rip about either, as long as they get their way (which in this case is to getTrump).

The goal — the obsession — is…

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