Fully Jabbed, Double Boosted Joe Biden Has Covid: Impossible! — Daily Declaration

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President Joe Biden has fallen ill with Covid-19. Now people are claiming that “the vaccines were never meant to stop infection”. But Joe Biden himself – and many other leaders – promised just that.

Over the weekend, President Joe Biden was diagnosed with Covid-19. The media has been certain to inform us that Biden is both “fully vaccinated” and “double boosted”.

It is now common knowledge that even four doses of a Covid-19 vaccine product is not enough to provide protection from the disease. This realisation has led many mRNA enthusiasts to claim that the purpose of the vaccines was not to prevent infection with or transmission of the virus – rather, its purpose is to protect against severe illness, hospitalisation and death.

However, that was not the claim being made by our leaders when they used emergency measures to force these treatments onto hundreds of millions of people.


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