If Democrats wanted to keep abortion, here’s what they should have done 


(My new American Thinker post)

We are inRoeminus 2, or two days withoutRoe.It’s time to remind the pro-Roecrowd that they made the overturn possible by being so rigid about abortion.

Let’s do a little alternate history.It’s a fun game and in this case rather significant.

So let’s go back to June 1995.  Back then, President Clinton was moving to the center and looking to cut deals with the GOP Congress.

Let’s imagine the following phone call from President Clinton to Speaker Newt Gingrich. Here it goes:

“Newt, it’s President Clinton here.”

“Hello, Mr. President. What’s up?”

“Newt.I want to cut a deal on abortion and put it behind us.Here is my plan.I will propose a new law that guarantees access to abortion but lets every state govern the details.”

“Mr. President, are you saying that you want to go the way of Europe?”

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