Washington Developed A System To Lie To You About Inflation, The Real Inflation Rate Is Much, Much Higher — The Gateway Pundit

There isn’t a truthful bone found in D.C.

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The rate of inflation has set record highs this year, but the 8.6% number you have seen is nothing more than a lie, a rouse, to make you feel better and help disguise the truth.

For more than a year, inflation has been on an upward trend, the likes of which America has not seen in more than 75 years. But Biden and his Democratic party are consistently lying to you. They have developed a series of stories, narratives, and buzz words to make those lies more palatable.

Over the past few decades, Washington as a whole, not just Biden, has been consistently changing how inflation is tracked and reported because it appears the economy is better than it truly happens to be.

Annualized inflation just peaked at 17% for the first time…

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