Yellen Speaks Yellen!

Filling positions of importance with incompetents, unqualified individuals was/is part of the Biden Administrations executive team to assure failure. Destruction! After all they are purposely allowing/pushing gas prices skyward. All other prices across the board rise with it, milk, food, services etc., etc., etc. Those that were having a difficult time just making ends meet, now are finding it nearly impossible. What happens when that happens? Those people are weakened. That also includes all those in the middle. The jackass who is supposed to be in charge said we were saving more under his administration. Joe must have failed simple math in grade school. I am retired, living on SS and a pension. I can attest that my bank account at the end of the month has less dollars in it than It did starting about 18 months ago; when Biden was falsely sworn in. It is as if Satan swore him in. Biden has failed at everything, EVERYTHING! That is intentional, they want us to easily be rescued (falsely) by the global reset. All this happening while before they even got in office (as the plan was already set) Biden was bought/bribed, by China and who knows who else. Hunter was the go between in the middle of the big plan………with the BIG GUY. Biden is a political felonious criminal, on the largest scale ever seen (Hillary holds down the 2nd spot and she is actually envious of Joe). On Thursday the Jan. 6 committee will distract you from Biden and move their attention to Trump. That he holds down the number 1 spot. In truth, Trump has brought things to light, that they (Deep State) have kept us in the dark on. This is why they continue to try and destroy him. All things Biden are much worse than all things Trump. (Arlin Report comment)

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JUNE 8, 2022 BY SCOTT JOHNSON at PowerLine


The venerable office of Secretary of the Treasury goes back to Alexander Hamilton. Looking overthe rosterof former Secretaries, one can observe that it has rarely been held by lightweights or hacks. Janet Yellen makes a mockery of the office. She degrades the office in performing its responsibilities poorly and ranging far afield to parrot the shibboleths and follies of the Biden administration like a Stalinist apparatchik.

Yesterday Yellen testified before the Senate Finance Committee on the administration’s 2023 budget. C-SPAN has posted video of the entire hearinghere, the committeehere, Yahoo Financehere(on YouTube). Let us take a look at two clips.

Comrade Janet is barking mad in apparatchik city.

The inflation ignited by the Biden administration lies within the core of her responsibilities. Has she heard that hope is not a…

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