I Knew You Before You Were Born

The Butcher Shop

by Kiler Davenport

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**Editor’s Note: Although this is a deep article, the underlying core truth remains the same! The eternal fact that life is life. Now, do you understand why abortion is an act against nature? Do you finally understand? (The Butcher)

A powerful transformation took place when you were born, This illusive you that you became is a direct result of an activity that started when your parents had sex and started the process for you to come into being, before you were born your particles that now make up your form were dispersed throughout space-time and dimension, these waves, particles, informational components and variants along with unlimited frequency attenuation and energy potential were manifested and in the free-flowing state, At the moment of conception these components were brought to attention and began the complex journey in coalescing into something we call human. Once in the…

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