Does The GOP Exist Anymore? Have They Also Become Illegal Immigrants ALONG THE WAY?

By doing this under Biden’s administration, Biden is breaking federal laws. He is an accomplice to illegal immigration. Why is impeachment not being sought. Oh yeah…….there is the other dumb ass Kamala Harris. There is a solution and it is called revolution. (Arlin Report comment)

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Those midnight flights for illegal migrants have only increased

by JAZZ SHAW Jun 06, 2022, at HotAir:

Rob Astorino

Earlier this yearKaren discussedthe secret nighttime flights that the Biden administration has arranged to bring illegal migrants from the border to other locations around the country, where they are then released into the wild. One spot seeing a lot of this traffic was the airport in Westchester, New York. Planeloads of migrants were arriving on an almost nightly basis. They were given boxes of welcome gifts and loaded onto buses to be dropped off in New York City or other communities around the state. No announcements of these arrivals were given to the communities where it was taking place.

Once the news went public, I foolishly thought that the practice might come to an end, or at least be made public so more oversight could be applied. Neither of…

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3 thoughts on “Does The GOP Exist Anymore? Have They Also Become Illegal Immigrants ALONG THE WAY?”

  1. I’ve had the feeling for awhile that the future is on ‘autopilot’. There’s nothing we can do, there’s nothing the Republican Party will do. They seem to have accepted their role as the Washington Generals whose role it is to lose. FOX News plays their role of toothless hound quite well. Today is California’s primary, if the people are so fed up with the crime that they throw the bums out, but I doubt they will.

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  2. Well said my friend. Everything you stated I am in 100% agreement. Many of these immigrant kids were bought not just by gangs but by the traffickers you mentioned. Mommy and daddy sold them, under the false pretense they’d have a better life in America. You don’t hear of Americans adopting or taking them in. Nope, these flights coming in, the people get off, the older ones are bused around to cities, and small towns. Someone in those cities and towns are directing them somewhere………probably some cheap houses bought up by the government to toss them in. “Here, here is a nice home for you to live……free food is on the way.” But the kids, when they get off those planes where are they being shipped?
    They are being trafficked. That is just another reason these flights come in at the wee hours of darkness. The Obama and Biden administrations both liked doing things in darkness, secretive activity, like giving palettes full of cash to the Iranians. Now, bringing in thousands of illegals under darkness. Why? Because they know We the People don’t approve, forbid it. But we do nothing. And worse yet, our politicians who CLAIM to be with us, DO NOTHING to stop Biden’s illegal criminal orders. Biden is a criminal politician of the highest level. Treasonous! And the MEDIA, if they were really on keeping Americans informed, they’d be at the airfields when these planes come in, throw the flood lights on them when they get off the plane, and while they load on the buses. Filming it, following those buses and film where they get off and who is directing it all. But they don’t. Because they are on the side of the corruption. Revolting isn’t it?


  3. @ Arlin Report: ” There is a solution and it is called revolution.”. Your a poet, and I didn’t know it!
    Yea, disgusting isn’t it? If the American people could awaken, it should have been back before we had 30-40 Illegal Immigrants illegally enter the country. But just like nobody admits to having voted for Biden, nobody will admit that the Republicans could have, but failed to, take any steps against the Biden Administration for all those illegals, illegally entering into the country.
    Biden, being the pedophile that he and his son are, most likely take control of a lot of those kids. Nobody questions where the kids, with no apparent parents, end up going? There are a lot of kids that come here with people pretending to be their parents, when they are the parents. What happens to those kids? Sex slaves, sex traffickers, adrenochrome, hacked up into little pieces? I have heard some really bad things, which of those really bad things happens to the children?
    Apparently, the Demorats, and the Repubicans probably have some ideas, but they don’t care. They have all sold their souls to the devil for whatever reason.
    Everyone in this country, has to have some idea of what is really going on, but no one does anything. I have bitched and moaned, and talked to people till I am blue in the face. I probably sound like a raving maniac, but all the while this horrible shit is going on, the demorats send out mind-controlled kids to shoot up grocery stores, shoot up schools, and now, apparently, shooting retired judges all the name of “gonna come and take your guns”.
    The country, and alas, the whole world has gone off on a nut, and they keep flooding America with illegal immigrants, because they have the masses hypnotized into looking at the one hand, while fucking us over with the other.
    It is clear to see… Gates and those at Davos/Bilderberg, along with CDC, Soros, Schwab, have a huge agenda. That agenda is #1: culling the human population. Look at how many people they killed with the vaccine. If the first one did get ya, they talked those same people into getting the booster. If that one didn’t get them, the 2nd booster and so on. Now they are up to what, the 4th Booster? Over 769 athletes across the country, killed over, participating in the sports they were used to participating in, just last year alone. So no matter how healthy someone is, it still killed some of the healthiest.
    So, once they take all the guns, the Americans that were not killed by the virus or the vaccines, they will kill either while taking their guns, or afterwards. They have to have someone to replace the Americans that they killed off, thus the reason the illegal immigrants don’t have to get the vaccine. They have already begun giving houses to the illegal aliens. They come here, the get money, cell phones, food (even all the baby formula), and now houses. They are never given a court date, because they are here to stay. Face it. Where they came from, there was not a Constitution, no Bill of Rights. They are given a bunch of free stuff, food, and homes. Are they going to bitch about being treated like shit? No. That’s why they are here.
    Americans tend to not realize that our Constitution no longer matters. We appointed those people to work for us and protect our Rights while in office. Have any of them done anything more than make themselves rich, or richer? While the Americans were sleeping, the communists and socialists were appointed as Senate and Congress, and they don’t give a rats ass about the American people. They have even gone so far as stating that there is no first or second amendment.

    You are right, there is a solution, and yes, it is a revolution. We need to take our country back!

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