The wisdom of Archie

Dan Terry

2 thoughts on “The wisdom of Archie”

  1. One of the liberal governing bodies methods for gun control is putting manufactures out of business. My thoughts on that is though…….it gives others, individuals and established companies an opportunity to either go into the gun manufacturing business and/or companies can add a new line to their existing business. They’d still have the evil government empire to deal with though. I believe where there is still a way for us citizens there is a way. Especially when it comes to self defense and protecting our families and neighborhoods. Government, all government tend to underestimate our will in that regard. We just haven’t been pushed hard or far enough yet. YET!


  2. Watching this play out over the past 50 years is so sad. It kind of look to me like Remington got sued out of existence, yes I know there were many factors to their bankruptcy. Now Glock and Daniel Defense have lawsuits. The side of the gunners thought stonewalling would get them through. Not realizing that neither the rifles nor the 18 yr olds were what their fond remembrances of 1957 were.

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