Depressing Polling Data

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Here are some of America’s main economic problems.

And that’s just a partial list. I’m not asserting that markets produce perfect results. Indeed, markets are a never-ending process of creative destruction.

But what I am stating is that intervention by politicians and bureaucrats almost always leads to bad outcomes.

So you can imagine my angst and disappointment at this recent polling data from Echelon Insights. A plurality thinks the government should “do more.”

I’m tempted to speculate whether 47 percent of Americans are morons.

But let’s take the high road and simply dig into the numbers. Whenever I see polling data, I always check…

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One thought on “Depressing Polling Data”

  1. Let’s just cut to the chase. The whole reason we’re in the mess we are in is simply because we have a president that listens to false narratives, believes in fairy tales of how humans can reverse “climate change”, and thinks he can spend his way out of a fiscal crisis. I guess my only question to all of that would be, when did Marry Poppins become president?

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