“Back To Obama!”

MN Prager Discussion Group

May 28, 2022

It’s Obama’s fault

By Mark C. Ross at American Thinker:

Our current period of political turmoil can be considered to have begun with the presidential election of 2008.The meteoric rise of a virtual unknown from the Illinois state Senate to the White House is fairly unprecedented.Though he lacked any depth of understanding ofwhythings are the way they are, Mr. Obama was gifted with a commanding stage presence.After all, superficial appeal invariably trumps substance among the political activist community.

Obama was certainly helped when the Republican establishment decided that 2008 was a time to lose.Thus, the Republicans rewarded one of their own, John McCain, by giving him a place in the sun…much like what they did for Bob Dole in 1996.They also took the opportunity to put a major babe on the ticket in the form of the governor of Alaska.See, Republicans really don’t hate women.

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