a "Backwoods" Conservative

So, riddle me this, how much brain power does it take to be a ‘sportscaster?’ Even, dare I say, a famous ‘sportscaster?’ I’d say about as much as it takes to be a decent bagger of groceries. And yet, it’s a sportscaster who has once again taken it upon himself to lecture us all on a subject that he very clearly knows nothing about and yet feels justified in doing so. Perhaps he should stick to doing that which he does best, things like regurgitating useless sports statistics or describing a swell play that was just made. Because no one cares what he thinks on the important things.

And, of course, it’s that ‘famous’ ex-sportscaster, Bob Costas, to whom I refer. Someone also, apparently, now described as CNN contributor, which when you think about it is quite fitting for a guy with his ‘talents.’ Anyway, it was during an appearance…

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