Monkeypox — Have no fear, big pharma’s on the scene to save the day with more vaccines!

I listened to this physician the other day that seemed very knowledgeable on Monkeypox. First it has been around awhile, Africa in particular (still nothing to do with monkeys). 2ndly it is a sexually transmitted disease among males (gay men). A Pride parade (I believe in Europe) had some cases pop up there. This appears to be an Aids type virus again. Maybe gay men that have no intention in sexual abstinence may want a vaccine. The rest of us……..NO THANKS. So tell pharma to stick it up their corporate ass. They don’t even know why it is called Monkey-pox. Probably the politically incorrect name from out of Africa. (Arlin Report comment)

Dr. John Reizer

Here we go again! Another infectious disease has made its way into the mainstream news. This time Monkeypox is the alleged terrorist and gaining the attention of citizens in the United States and other countries very fast.

Once more, big pharma has the situation under control and our best interests in mind. The medical profession’s advice never changes; take more vaccines!

Every few months, another microbial threat will be announced, and people will be strongly encouraged to get jabbed with more bioweapons.

The traditional vaccines of yesteryear so many people received were bad enough and caused the proliferation of cancers and autoimmune diseases prevalent in modern society. The new mRNA vaccine products being doled out are much more dangerous.

Monkeypox appears to be the newest problem that the gullible public will react to, and big pharma will provide a life-saving vaccine solution for the umpteenth time. Are…

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