It’s The Ugly GODLESS USA We Live In Today! Whatever Happened To Loving Families AND THE HONORED OLD MAID TEACHER GENERATION?

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 MAY 22, 2022 BY JOHN HINDERAKER at PowerLine:


First of all, viaInstaPundit, the tweet of the day:

Predictably, the mass shooting in Buffalo has precipitated another round of gun control hysteria. What gun control? Who cares? The specifics are unimportant.

You likely have read in the press that the United States has an unparalleled number of mass shootings due to our “lax” gun control laws. Such assertions are rarely challenged, but in fact they are untrue. I haven’t seen more recent numbers, but I am sure little has changed since this2019 post. On a per capita basis, our mass shooting rate is quite low. Quoting John Lott and Michael Weisser:

Of the 86 countries where we have identified mass public shootings, the US ranks 56th per capita in its rate of attacks and 61st in mass public shooting murder rate. Norway…

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