JOHN 7:37

We are having a downpour here in St. Charles, MO this morning. Just when the golf courses were drying out from the rainy Spring. LOL! Oh well………the lawn service company did get another scheduled fertilization and weed killer down on Thursday though (ON MY LAWN, NOT THE GOLF COURSES) ! Just in time.

Have a wonderful day wherever you are!

2 thoughts on “JOHN 7:37”

  1. Well, our golf courses are rather dry, so you can ship some of that water out here to the desert! And I shot a 78 on Thursday, but a 92 yesterday. That’s why Dottie Pepper doesn’t follow me around the course on the weekend!


    1. LOL…………Yeah my game is seeing the same. One day 70 something, next day high 80s. But I have been able to avoid the 90s since the first week of play (when it was extremely sloppy and windy). In the league I play in during that 1st week, I think I shot like a 91, only to find I was in the money, nobody shot under 88. Out of nearly 100 men, 4 of us were at 91 or less. That was crazy……but that was how bad the conditions were (cold, wet and windy). And I am talking about old guys that play pretty well (usually we have a good share in the 70s and low 80s.). Oh, it has stopped raining now, and the sun is partly sunny………..I’d rather say partly sunny than partly cloudy. 🙂 Keep on swinging. BTW, I could not bring myself to put money on Early Voting yesterday!

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