they didn’t think much of each other but they managed to do this

Both should have been held accountable for many things. Hillary’s crime against America goes way back, long before Bill was elected prez. Their mafia style of government escaped all accountability, including murder (there is a long body count log). Why would she be held accountable now? We have no one in position to hold her fully accountable, they are either afraid of her, or they are part of her crime cartel. Probably both! (Arlin Report comment)

Trump:The American Years

Don’t tell me they weren’t corrupt enough to cheat in 2020. They would do anything to stop Donald Trump. They prove it time and time again. Now they have to cover up their crimes.Sorry,but i doubt they will ever be held accountable. The best thing we could do is vote all the Dems out in 2022 and re-elect Pres Trump in 24. We might have to live with the fact they got away with everything.

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