Those Fascist Dems Who Wreck Our American Children

And Joe Biden referred to the victims of abortion as a “child” not a fetus. THAT IS MURDER JOE. Oh and go back to your years in the Senate. What or who changed your mind. Or have you just become mindless! (Arlin Report comment)

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Ways Democrat Policies Work To Destroy Children’s Lives

BY: J.B. SHURK at the Federalist:

MAY 04, 2022

Once again, children have become objects unworthy of life, protection, or tutelage. What kind of society does this to children?

Author J.B. Shurk profile


Americans who would sacrifice anything to protect their children may be surprised to learn that their inclination is a rather modern phenomenon. For most of human history, the most dangerous period of any person’s life was childhood. Only if a newborn survived the first decade of disease, warfare, hunger, and all the other mundane threats to ordinary human existence would the survivor gain any type of social recognition.

O.M. Bakke explores this reality in his book, “When Children Became People: The Birth of Childhood in Early Christianity.” Before the spread of Christianity transformed prevailing cultural beliefs, children had no legal standing in the pagan societies of the Roman Empire…

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