Rivera on giving up troop positions……THAT IS ABSOLUTELY TRUE. My son told me years ago upon his return from his 2nd deployment there that that is exactly what Rivera did. He told me his commanding officer in Afghanistan wanted to kill Rivera. Rivera is the PUNK here. Lets not forget though, The Five is a stage show. (Arlin Report comment)

a "Backwoods" Conservative

You know, it’s Jerry Rivers, aka Geraldo Rivera, who is another of those who practice debate, Democrat style, that being when you can’t win the argument on merit, you simply attack those who you are attempting to convince to your side by raising your voice and shaking your fist. Jerry got into a heated debate with his co-host Greg Gutfeld Wednesday on FNC’s “The Five” while discussing abortion. Jerry is one of those who, while he has lived a life of depravity, has the gall to pass a judgement on someone just giving an honest opinion. Rivers is a living insult to civil society. But I must admit that five wives would have made me crazy too. Jerry needs to retire.

Rivers had another of his little tantrums saying, “Shame on Gorsuch, shame on Coney Barrett, shame on Kavanaugh. They knew when they were swearing to those senators and the…

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