Joe Biden is a Corrupt Liar-and you don’t think the 2020 election was corrupt?

Trump:The American Years

The media covered for Joe in the 2020 election but there was plenty of info out there if you bothered to look. When they buried the lap top story on Twitter and social media that should have been a red flag.

If there was nothing to the story there was no need to hide it. The Democrats had to know the truth. The media knew the truth. These are the same people who pushed the Russia Collusion lie for 4 yrs. It was Hillary Clinton with co-operation from the FBI who spied on Trump. Obama/Biden knew;of course they knew. The Obama/Biden administration weaponized the intel agencies to make the Russia collusion lie possible. The Obama/Biden administration made spying on an American president possible. If you don’t think they weren’t corrupt enough to cheat in the 2020 election you’re badly mistaken. They would have done anything to stop President Trump from…

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