Has Massachusetts Voted Honestly Since the American Civil War?

MN Prager Discussion Group

April 19, 2022

I guess I’m a racist. Who knew?

By Steve Feinstein at American Thinker:

We live in a small town in eastern Massachusetts, about an hour outside Boston.Except for the bigger cities like Boston, Springfield, Worcester, Fall River, etc., Massachusetts is pretty evenly split along the liberal/conservative lines.The four or five towns around us are actually fairly conservative, and we often elect Republican state representatives and Republican town mayors.The last Republican U.S. senator to be elected from Massachusetts was from this area of the state.We just don’t have quite enough conservative voters statewide to push enough of our candidates over the top.Every single Republican who loses a statewide election loses by exactly the same margin — 61–39% — and the race is always called at exactly the same time — 8:04 P.M.Go figure that, OK?Every single time.

However, as that old cliché goes, “All politics is local.”And no…

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