With Around $20 Billion in Aid to Ukraine – How Much Was Provided to Ukraine and How Much Went to “The Big Guy”? — The Gateway Pundit

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This is what happens when corrupt politicians steal the White House. The American people have no idea who is running the show behind the scenes of the Biden regime. Americans know that the Bidens were involved in Ukraine in financial deals in the past so does this still continue?

We know that Hunter Biden was on the Board of a Ukrainian company along with his friend connected to John Kerry. They made millions being on the Burisma Board despite knowing nothing about oil and gas. They did not even speak the native Ukrainian language. When a local prosecutor began looking into Hunter’s arrangement, Joe Biden had the prosecutor removed and fired. Then he bragged about it later in front of an audience.

Well “son of a bitch”, now Biden is back in the business of sending billions to Ukraine. After his previous corruption in the country, how can any American…

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