Kash Patel: “The Hillary Clinton Campaign and her lawyers masterminded the most intricate and coordinated conspiracy against Trump when he was both candidate and later President of the United States”

American Buddhist Net

Since the end of WW2, anyone who stood in the way was destroyed. Small people were crushed or murdered while large figures like Trump have been assaulted on every front and from every angle the moment they became a threat. The KOBK murders of JFK and RFK were so brutally publicized our KOBK adversaries have used them less often since then on very prominent figures because—and only because—such murders have a bad countereffect on them. If anyone still doubts or does not understand the savagery of KOBK game theory, take stark note of the fact that someone poisoned the world with covid and Western actors aided and abetted that attack by responding again and again in the most destructive ways possible. ABN

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