Those Who Have NOT Seen

The Butcher Shop

Luke 1:37
“For NOTHING will be IMPOSSIBLE with God.”

You’d be surprised at how many Christians aren’t really familiar with the 40 day appearances of Jesus…that were witnessed by an awestruck people…AFTER His resurrection.

The very first sighting began at the tomb…three days after the Elite class of Jerusalem managed to convince the gullible people (sound familiar?)…and Rome…that an innocent Man was somehow GUILTY of what? A crime so horrific to deserve death?

Let’s face reality here Folks…something spectacular had to have happened that caused several battle-proven soldiers of Rome to scamper off their post (punishable by death I might add) that morning. Now, most of us are aware of the ladies that first arrived to prepare the body of Jesus…and probably the miraculous event where Jesus materialize in front of His disciples to PROVE that He was indeed ALIVE…showing ole “Doubting Thomas” that the nail wounds were still evident…as…

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